Dennis Fraser is the CEO and founder of Mining the Miracles LTD.

Dennis grew up in a small northern Ontario mining community. Back in 1958 when Dennis was 12 years old, he was introduced to The Spiritual Way which today is better known as The LAW of ATTRACTION. Ever since then he has studied first hand under the greatest Law of Attraction gurus out there. In fact he currently holds a Level 4 certification in GIN. Currently there are 6 Levels in the Global Information Network – a worldwide Law of Attraction organization. 

With a passion to help others learn, Dennis graduated from Laurentian University with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Religion. His love of learning inspired him to head to teacher's college, and for the next 33 years he earned the love and respect of the thousands of Grade 7/8 students he taught.  During that time he also received his Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Michigan.

Upon retiring from teaching, he moved to beautiful southern Ontario to be closer to his 2 children, his 4 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.  This is where the magic really started to happen as Dennis began teaching LOA classes to various adult interest groups in and around the Simcoe area just north of Toronto. 

 Again inspired to never stop learning he authored a book on the LAW called, “Frustrated, Frazzled and Ready to Throw Up?” which is now in its second printing.  


After his book was published, he received his certification as a Wealth Coach under Margaret Lynch and then set up a very successful one-on-one coaching practice. However, last year he finally decided to stop living such a structured and time-centered life to live life at a more leisurely pace. He still speaks at various functions in the area from time to time but now has more free time to enjoy skiing, bowling and travelling the world with his beautiful wife, Love. 

At the moment, upon the advice of his former clientele he is writing a self-help course on, “How to Use the Law of Attraction to Make Money”. It will be out in the early summer. 

Dennis is a gifted teacher and digs deep within himself to give his students the best possible outcome. 

As you will discover, if you look carefully into this website, Dennis is NOT the traditional Law of Attraction guru. His approach is anything but traditional. He says that he does not believe a lot in vision boards or mantras or even Positive Thinking. But to be perfectly transparent, that’s not true. He does believe in them but only after reaching a certain point in the training. 

He explains it this way: If you fall off a ladder and break your arm, positive thinking and repeating the mantra, “My arm is getting better,” will not fix your broken arm. A doctor is needed for that. However, both ‘positive thinking’ and repeating the mantra, “My arm is getting better and better every day,” will considerably speed up the healing BUT only after the doctor has put the cast on the arm first. 
Mr. D believes that there is an ORDER to ‘how and when’ things need to be done in the Universe and if that order is not adhered to then nothing really works very well. 

This is why Dennis’s approach to the LAW is more scientific than WOO-WOO. This is why Dennis’s approach is so attractive to those who are highly educated and business oriented. There is no woo-woo or mysticism involved. His approach is based on science and sound psychological principles. This is what separates Dennis from all the other “feel-good” gurus out there. He doesn’t shroud the LAW in ambiguities. 

His passion inspires people to step up their game and never throw in the towel. So… if you are ready to move to the next level of your life then read his book, “Frustrated, Frazzled and Ready to Throw-Up”. 


As Riya Malik  from Richmond Hill, Toronto says :

“This book really changes all aspects of your being. It has helped me in all avenues of my life. I certainly feel more confident in the way I approach my finances, my relationships as well as my health. Thank you Dennis for teaching me and helping me realize that I create my own life. The lessons that I learned in this book are priceless. I have truly turned my life around for the better. Thank you.” 

Riya was one of Dennis’s first adult students after he moved to southern Ontario. She read the book and then took his classes immediately afterward.  

And then Ron and Wendy P. of Wasaga Beach said the following:

“Dennis has made the journey of discovery a wonderful, rewarding, enlightening and enriching experience for the both of us. He has given us the precious gift of taking control of our lives through health, wealth and happiness with his positive energetic approach to everyday life. His captivating ways of instructing through his straight forward teachings on success and attitude and the fundamentals of achieving your heart’s goals and dreams inspired us to our highest levels. It is amazing the potential we now see in ourselves when it was brought to light by such a compassionate teacher as Dennis.

Dennis you are truly a great speaker, instructor, motivator, mentor and friend. Your strength and passion are your true callings. You have made us believe in our own true potential. 

Thank you.”

Mining the Miracles is unique because it works. 


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