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About Us

publication date: Feb 3, 2017

A Humble Beginning…

I was born in a small, mining community in northern Ontario, the youngest of eight kids. My father, a miner and my stay-at- home mom were both loving and hardworking middle class people who worked hard to support the family. By the time I came along six of my brothers and sisters had already moved away and were married. My next oldest brother was 7 years older and so there was very little interaction between him and me. In one sense it could be said that I was an only child. My father built a cottage on a lake that could only be reached by boat. I spent every summer there all through my teenage years. It was while I was at the cottage that I met Arnold, a retired army officer who taught me all about nature. Our friendship matured over the next 30 years as Arnold trained me in what he called the Spiritual Way. Today that knowledge is known as the Law of Attraction. After university I taught elementary school for 33 years before finally retiring in 1999 and moving to southern Ontario to be closer to my 2 children and 4 grandchildren and I great granddaughter.

Being Blessed

Because of my specialized training in the Law of Attraction since age 12 I have been very fortunate in my life. While I was growing up I never realized how blessed my life really was. Everything I ever wanted seemed to come easily and effortlessly to me. I was totally oblivious to this phenomenon because no one ever pointed it out to me until I was close to retirement. It’s like when you live in a forest you never really notice the trees until someone points them out to you. I just assumed that everyone’s life was just like mine. Once I was made aware that my life was “different” I started taking notice. Lo and behold I discovered that most of the people around me were not living blessed lives. They had lots of financial and health issues that for some reason I had never noticed before. This was a real shock. It was as if I had my head buried in the sand all those years. This then became the impetus for me starting to teach Law of Attraction classes to adults. I thought that because the LOA played such an influential role in my life then it would also bless other people’s lives as well. The success of my first few classes prompted me to create Mining the Miracles with my grandson James. This was the perfect opportunity for me to both introduce James to the LOA and to provide employment for him.

Sparking a Transformation

James and I started Mining the Miracles so that we could transform people’s lives. You see, James went through a major transformation himself. Before James became my business partner he was on the road to self-destruct. He was never an enthusiastic student in school and when he started college he dropped out before Christmas of the first year. Not long after, he got mixed up with drugs and the wrong crowd and was heading for a very bad end. I stepped in and presented him with an offer he couldn’t refuse. I told him that if he joined me I would take him with me free of charge as I flew all over the United States taking various business courses and that within 5 years I would have him on the road to becoming a millionaire. All he had to do was promise to at least listen to my LOA presentations. I got him to join the Global Information Network (a world-wide LOA organization headed by Kevin Trudeau.) Interestingly he became a Level 2 in that group. I know for a fact that being around positive thinking and upwardly mobile people in GIN and Quantum Leap definitely had a positive influence on changing his negative way of thinking. Within 2 years of being with me James bought this first rental duplex unit. This was the first of many that he is planning on buying. He got engaged to a beautiful young woman while on vacation in Paris and actually patented an invention he came up with that is being prepared for marketing. It has now been 5 years that James and I have been in business together and right now he is an equal partner in Mining the Miracles with me, is looking for another duplex or triplex to buy and is readying himself to start teaching the courses in this program.